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14k gold suspended diamond solitaire ring


neslted heirloom opal accented by small white diamonds


beskpoke spiral ring with ruby and pave white diamonds


14k gold floating opal and white sapphire ring

John & India

heirloom diamond framed by rose cut and pave diamonds


heirloom diamonds set into custom earrings accented with small rose cut diamonds

Erika & Al

organic arc ring in 14k rose gold, featuring antique white diamonds and conflict-free brown marquis diamonds

Ben & Olivia

14k gold Nestled Opal & Diamond rung featuring a one-of-a-kind Old European cut diamond


14k rose gold eternity triangle ring with white pave diamonds

Becca & Christine

open black diamond and 14k white gold engagement ring with white pave diamond accents


14k gold ring set with customized pave diamond accents

Amy & Matt

set of three 14k gold rings featuring sapphire center stone, opals, and antique pave diamonds

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